Guide international teens and young adults in developing into happy and successful adults through the power of mentoring and our tailored curriculum.

A bright global future

Help young adults identify and apply the skills and insights acquired in their international backgrounds towards their career, academic and personal goals.

Be prepared to face anything

Develop skills and networks that will help young adults navigate the challenges particular to Third Culture Kids and expat young adults.


  • Mentoring

    Online, one-to-one mentoring. Our professional mentors serve as a consistent form of support, guiding young proteges towards their personal, academic and career goals

  • Guidance

    Sometimes you just need a little advice. We answer students’ toughest questions and connect them & their parents to our carefully vetted network of professionals and resources

  • Training and Lectures

    Engaging, interactive seminars for parents, teenagers, college students, counselors, youth advocates, school leaders and relocation professionals


All About Us

The model

mentoring_chatSea Change provides mentoring and guidance with two goals: 1) Help young adults apply their international background to academic, professional and personal success and 2) to help young adults develop resilience and life skills to help them navigate transitions to university and their passport country.

The technology
monitor-fixed-1Our online technology promises the best platform for online mentoring with free access to top of the line features such as clear video and audio, shared whiteboard and desktop, discussion prompts and tools in the form of our evidence-base curriculum, and more.
The protégés


Our protégés are young adults in high school or university. All our protégés spent more than one year living outside of their parents’ native countries. While our main focus is young people between the ages of 17 to 20, we can work with young people as young as 14, using a modified curriculum. Proteges do not have to currently enrolled in school.


The Sea Change Team

Ellen Mahoney, CEO and Founder Sea Change Mentoring 

Ellen Mahoney, CEO and Founder

Ellen grew up in Japan and Singapore before moving back to the US for college at the University of Oregon. She did her graduate work in counseling at the George Washington Universityʼs Graduate School for Education and Human Development. After her ten career in education as a teacher and counselor, she moved to the mentoring field where she developed the volunteer management and quality control strategies for the countryʼs leading online youth mentoring organization, iMentor. She founded Sea Change Mentoring in 2012. She is on the Board of Directors of Families in Global Transition (FIGT), and is a David C. Pollock Scholar and a 2013 Echoing Green semifinalist.

Josh Stager Advisor, Curriculum and Program Design Sea Change Mentoring

Josh Stager, Curriculum and Program Design

Josh’s parents were officers in the US Navy, so the family lived on both US coasts, Guam, and Thailand. He has two Masters in Education, and a PhD in Educational Leadership from Columbia, Teacher’s College. He was a high school English teacher, worked to implement No Child Left Behind, and helped lead an educational non-profit “Computers for Youth”. He is currently a Senior Manager of Technology, Professional Development at the New York City Department of Education.



Our Mentors

Each Sea Change mentor is a successful professional in fields that are of interest to our proteges. They grew up internationally and are familiar with IB curriculum, the British system and American system. If you were homeschooled or roadschooled growing up, we have mentors that did the same. If you are an expat or cross cultural student attending a “local” school, we have mentors that completely understand. Whatever your interests, concerns, backgrounds or goals are, we will match with you a mentor that can relate and help you to be your best. Not only will your mentor help find career, academic and personal success, your mentor will laugh with you, listen to you and most importantly, get you.













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Upcoming Events

Ellen Mahoney will be meeting with the expat community:

  • The Hague and Amsterdam September, 2014
  • Washington, DC October, 2014
  • Singapore, November, 2014
  • Nice and Paris, November, 2014
  • London, February, 2014
  • Washington, DC, March 2014

To arrange a visit to your school, university, company or organization, please contact us at info@seachangementoring.com

Meet Us:

  • Thu
    Buckinghamshire, UK

    SCSN is an independent social enterprise that works in collaboration with the MOD and Military welfare organisations to support Educational and Welfare professionals and Members of the Military in their roles in supporting Service Children and their families.
    More information on the conference coming soon

  • Thu
    Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    Keynote speakers: Ellen Mahoney, CEO of Sea Change Mentoring; Doug Ota, author of Safe Passage: How Global Mobility Effects People and What International Schools Should Do About It; Anne P. Copeland, Executive Director of the Interchange Institute.
    More information coming soon

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