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International schools are the most popular educational platform for families in global transition. While recent years have brought changes in the international school population such as an increase in local students and prolonged stays for foreign students, the impact of cross-cultural transitions on wellbeing and learning remains a serious concern. In fact, more leaders in international schooling are coming to the understanding that we cannot afford to ignore the role cross-cultural mobility plays in our international school communities.

Globally Grounded and Sea Change Mentoring has collected data from international schools enrolling a percentage, big or small, of foreign students, with the aim of equipping school leaders in forging a logical pathway towards providing optimal transitions-care to students, parents and educators.

Our report reveals that:

  • Student, parent and staff Arrivers are prioritised by many international schools but fewer than half support those leaving during the academic year or at graduation. 
  • Only a very small percentage of international schools provide any transitions-care support for students returning ‘home’, Stayers or Locals. 
  • The majority of international schools have no formal way of assessing the success of their transitions-care program. Of those with an alumni program, very few use their alumni as a resource to gain greater understanding of their transitions-care program success.
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