Sea Change and Tina Quick Announce Partnership

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Ellen Mahoney’s Sea Change Mentoring and Tina Quick’s International Family Transitions today announced their partnership, strengthening the transitions support available to globally mobile children and young adults everywhere. The partnership is effective today. 

Tina Quick’s influential Transitioning Successfully for University Support – Train the Trainer program for transitions support in schools will now operate within Sea Change Mentoring’s operations. Ellen Mahoney, Sea Change Mentoring’s founder and CEO, will continue in her role and will take this opportunity to bring Tina’s work to the digital space which will allow schools around the world to learn from Tina regardless of COVID related travel restrictions and campus closures. 

“Tina Quick was the first person I called when I decided to start Sea Change Mentoring. She had established herself as a high quality professional learning facilitator and the leader in transitions support for international schools,” said Ellen Mahoney. “I had read her book, The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition and knew I should seek her advice as I ventured into the field myself. Her generosity and wisdom helped me get started and so it is with great humility and joy that I make this announcement with Tina.” 

“I’m excited about this partnership with Ellen and Sea Change Mentoring because of the comprehensive scope of groundbreaking work Sea Change Mentoring has been doing to help international schools,” said Tina Quick. “I’m particularly excited in our shared vision that special attention must be made for young people impacted by cross-cultural mobility. “

Tina Quick raised her children in the international school system and after witnessing the sometimes difficult journeys of students around the world, she developed a passion for helping expatriate and international students deal with the unique challenges they face when transitioning to university and/or repatriating. It is this passion that led her to develop her specialized Train the Trainer sessions, often cited as required professional development for school staff looking to build or improve their transitions programming. This passion also led her to write two books that are often on school counselors’ must-read lists: The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition and Survive and Thrive: The International Student’s Guide to Succeeding in the U.S.

Ellen Mahoney grew up as an international school student in Asia and it was her rocky transition to university and passport country, and the difficult journeys of her peers, that led her to create Sea Change Mentoring. Pulling from both her personal experience and her professional experience as a teacher, counselor and youth mentoring specialist, she founded Sea Change Mentoring to support today’s globally mobile youth populations. Today, Ellen is a respected member of the international school community and is highly regarded as an expert on relationship-based learning and wellbeing.  Sea Change Mentoring has helped international schools around the world in almost every region improve student-teacher relationships and school climate by helping them develop and improve not only transition support, but also Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Mentoring, and Student and Teacher Wellbeing. 

Tina and Ellen have been doing this transition work for quite some time, and yet, due to the COVID pandemic, they have never seen a world in such a transition like this. For students who had plans to attend university in another country or to return to their parents’ passport country after they graduated from high school, this is a particularly confusing time. Will classes be on campus? If not, how will students make friends or find internships? Will they let international students into the country? Will the country ask students to leave? Will students be safe? Tina and Ellen hope this partnership is a way to strengthen transition support around the world during a time in history when students may need it the most.  If you are an international school or a globally mobile community, Tina and Ellen are making themselves available to help you build a transition support strategy and support system that works best for your students. You can reach them at for more information on their training and consultation services.

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