Reclaiming Your Resilience:
For School Leaders

Intended For:
School Leaders

October 13th to November 2nd

Individuals: $800

Groups of 5 or more: $600 per group member

A learning experience on developing resilience, improving self-care, & sustaining support for the community during stressful times.

About this Event

Caring for yourself is not a luxury, it's your responsibility

Over the course of three weekends, your will be supported by a Confidential community of school leaders and guided by our coaches who are attuned to your needs

This course is divided into three sections of synchronous and asynchronous work, complimented by facilitated peer-support groups and individual coaching sessions.

Self-reflection: Reflect on your experience of 2020, discover your own resilience, explore lasting self-care strategies, and protect yourself from compassion fatigue

Collective efficacy: Collective-efficacy is one of the most powerful influences on student learning, the prevention of teacher burnout, and the healing of communities. Discover ways to nurture collective efficacy in your own school.

Resilience Planning: With the support of your coaches and colleagues, develop a resilience plan for yourself and your community.


When? October 13 to November 2 2020

Who? Open to school leadership teams, division leaders, administrators, principals, assistant principals, deputies and deans.

What? Interactive, community-based work online and three facilitated coaching sessions via video calls. Expect to invest 3 to 4 hours each week, at your own pace.

"I wanted to write a note to say how much I've enjoyed this course, Reclaiming your Resilience! It was exactly what I've needed this past month. While being displaced from Beijing, and teaching online for 18 weeks, the course spoke to me in so many ways - I hadn't ever really considered the word "resilience" before, and I know it wasn't in my lexicon. The activities and reflections truly helped me with skills needed to cope in a crisis in a whole new way. I hope I can be more mindful now with staff and students with these new skills and understanding. The course helped me to feel grounded and connected"
Western Academy of Beijing, Middle School Math Teacher
"I enjoyed the quality and varied nature of the material used in the modules. From Ted Talks, to articles, to videos by mental health professionals. The course was valuable because it caused the participants to pause, reflect, and think about different characteristics of who they are and how resilient are we? The facilitators were great! They were accessible and approachable. Great job Ellen and Kristin."
International school teacher
"The Sea Change course, Reclaiming Your Resilience, is an excellent course that takes participants through a meaningful journey that they can then in turn lead others through. Our coach, Ellen, is outstanding as a facilitator and clearly has a gift for this essential work. The pacing of the course was very well thought out - giving us time to watch, read, and contemplate without feeling pressured or overwhelmed. Having us create a resilience plan for a specific audience was especially appreciated as it ensures that we take the learning forward and continue to foster resilience in ourselves and others. Thank you for providing an outstanding professional learning experience."
International school leader
"As I am finishing up the course and getting back into the new school year I was telling our Admin what a great experience it was for me! I began personal changes that have really been what I needed as a result of my learning in this time. I have always loved professional growth and development but all of my prior study has been about teaching and learning and for the first time this course made me think of how my own personal social and emotional health plays such a big part in all of this."
International school leader