Mentor Spotlight

Read about just a few of our highlighted mentors here.



Tom is a business owner in Australia and mentored a 16 year old boy leaving the Netherlands after living there for many years and moving back “home” to Australia.

My protégé has a really good heart and a very gentle soul.  He always wants to do the best for everybody.

I became a mentor because I wanted to be able to share my experience in order to help someone else work through challenges from a different perspective.  I really believe in the Sea Change program and wish it was around when I was young. Although I had plenty of support within my family, it is great to speak to someone outside that circle to get the different perspective on growing up into an adult.  I look back on my own challenges and realize that a lot of the things I was very anxious about could have been avoided.

I still believe that living overseas was the best experience I ever had as a child and throughout my life. Living overseas is a blessing and as you get older this becomes more and more apparent.  My favourite thing about my international background is all the wonderful friends I have met along the way. I still keep in touch with my school friends in Japan from 30 years ago!



Rossella is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She mentors a Third Culture university student in the US, who grew up attending International Schools in Europe.

I like my protégé’s enthusiasm, open-mindedness and dedication to our joint Sea Change Mentoring journey, coupled with her grounded yet fresh personality.

My favourite aspect of having grown up overseas is the ability to easily connect with differing individuals from different backgrounds without much thought or fuss. I also love the treasure trove of wonderful stories that I have from my childhood/teenage years spent in the Far East.

The toughest part is nurturing close friendships formed across the years from across the miles – Skype helps, but nothing beats calling up a good childhood/university years friend to meet for a coffee on a whim 🙂



Corrie has an international law background and grew up all over the world. Her protégé is a Canadian university student who grew up in the Netherlands.

I signed up to be a mentor because I saw an opportunity to help someone avoid the pitfalls I found as a Third Culture Kid. I like how much I learn from my protégé in our conversations as we exchange mutual and varied experiences. The whole Sea Change experience has helped me to be more introspective.

The toughest thing about my international background is that it can be difficult to help initial acquaintances understand “who I am” because they come from a more geographically stable and/or mono-cultural background.

My favorite thing about my international background is how I learned humans from culture to culture and geographic region to geographic region are more the same than different, and how “different” is not something to fear or be ignorant of, but to embrace and learn from.