Thrive at University:
An experience for 2020's Global Graduates

Intended For:
International school students in the graduating class of 2020.

July 27-29, 2020
August 17-19, 2020


A facilitated experience on thriving at university for international school students graduating in 2020

About this Event

Thrive at University: A facilitated experience for 2020 Global Graduates

Having grown up across cultures ourselves, we understand the excitement, opportunities and challenges that the transition from the international school world to university presents. We also share a heartfelt concern that the COVID-19 pandemic may compound some of these challenges. If we want students to thrive through this rite of passage, they need to learn the skills to connect to their future communities.

Who should sign up? International school students in the graduating Class of 2020

When is this available? We are offering this opportunity twice this summer. Students can sign up for:

Cohorts: Students will sign up to participate in a cohort based on their region. Cohorts will discuss with their peers during the synchronous online meeting, and with the whole class during the asynchronous community time. 

  • Cohort A - North and South America, Europe, Africa, Middle East (8-9 am PST)
  • Cohort B - South, Southeast and East Asia (8-9 pm PST)

Students, here’s what you can expect:

In this 4-day facilitated experience, you will work closely with our Mentor-Facilitators and can expect to spend 3 - 6 hours a day on this experience. Your days will look like this:

Day 1: Self-reflection on personal narrative and character strengths; Cohort discussions and sharing around introducing yourself and your cultural identity; 30 minute Community Zoom call for introductions 

Day 2: Self-reflection on university destination resources and opportunities; Community sharing of personal narratives in 1 hour Zoom call; Cohort activities around personal and family values

Day 3: Self-reflection on “Future Self” ideals; Community reflections on Future Self; Cohort conversations around making connections with friends and professors at university, 1 hour Zoom call

Day 4: Production of personal Thrive Playlist; Self-reflection on learning in the week; Community sharing of Playlists; Cohort reflections on all future plans through 90 minute Zoom call

Througout the week: 30-minute individual coaching session (optional)

What will you get out of this learning experience? By the end of this experience, you will:

  • Be part of a peer support community and have an understanding of how to create and sustain a support system at university
  • Develop a clearer understanding of who you are as a young adult and who you want to be at university
  • Plan how you will engage with your new communities
  • Create a Thrive Playlist, which will outline concrete steps for thriving during your first-year

Parents, here’s what you need to know:

  • Students will engage with international school peers around the world, to build a support network to sustain them through their university entry
  • Students will choose one cohort to join, based on regional time zones; these synchronous cohort meetings will be held on Zoom. 
  • Students will require consistent access to the internet for this experience.
  • Students will design a specific learning plan for their university entry, which they can share with you.
  • Each student can opt to book a 30-minute individualized coaching session with one of the facilitators, to be held during the week of the class experience
  • Parents will receive a Guidebook for Parents of Global Graduates

Fee: $445

Early Bird Fee: $415

Includes: 4 days of facilitated learning, access to all resources, your Thrive Playlist, a Guidebook for Parents, and an optional individualized coaching session