Video: FUTURE OF WORK – Values Revolution with Ellen Mahoney

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Kicking off the fifth month of The Change School’s year long summit, I was asked to share more about my work and….

  • What does the term TCK mean to you? Do you identify as being a TCK (why/why not)?
  • Do young adult TCKs face unique difficulties in finding work or identifying the right career path? What career opportunities are TCKs best suited for?
  • What are some common TCK characteristics or traits that make them a critical piece to the future of work?
  • How are TCKs offering these qualities to the organisations that need and seek them most?
  • Do TCKs gravitate toward certain professions or career paths?
    • Where do they excel?
  • How are organizations engaging and adapting to the growing number of TCKs?
    • Which companies are leading in this way?

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