Support for Schools Responding to COVID-19

Dear Community,

As developments in the COVID-19 Pandemic unfold, the needs of our school communities’ change. What doesn’t change is the power of relationships, our need to feel connected and the mental strength we experience when we feel we belong.

Whether your school campuses have only recently closed or your school is starting to prepare to reopen, Sea Change Mentoring is offering responsive support to educators to maintain and even strengthen that sense of connectedness.

Below is our menu of services.

We are here to help you. If there is more we can do for you, please let us know.

With our warmest regards,

Ellen Mahoney
Sea Change Mentoring

Peer Support Communities

Sea Change invites educators to join our Peer Support Communities, where our trained facilitators guide participants from around the world in reflecting on their work, increasing their self-awareness, and taking a collaborative approach to problem-solving. This is a meaningful opportunity to support each other through these challenging times. Participants refine their approach to social emotional learning as we adapt our learning experiences and relationships online and then transition them back to campus when schools are ready.

For Individual Educators

What: Facilitated groups of up to six educators, using a customized protocol.

When: Groups meet once a week for an hour for six weeks. Schedule depends on group members’ time zones.

Who: Teachers, counselors, administrators are all invited and will be grouped accordingly.

Where: We use Zoom for our meetings and Slack to stay connected. Participants have free access to our Slack community.

Fee: $200 in total

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For Schools

What: Facilitated groups of up to ten educators from the same school, using a tailored protocol.

When: Groups meet every other week until the end of the school year.

Who: Teachers, counselors, administrators from the same school are all invited and will be grouped accordingly.

Where: We use Zoom for our meetings and Slack to stay connected to the larger international education community. Participants have free access to our Slack community.

Fee: $600 every other week for up to three groups. Additional $75 every other week for each additional group.

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Is your school interested in accommodating more than 60 people? Schedule a meeting with us to discuss discounted pricing options.

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Ready to get started? Apply to join a Peer Support Community below.

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Could you or someone you know benefit from joining a peer support community but can’t afford the fee? It is important to us to find ways to include all educators, no matter the amount of resources they have access to. Please contact us to learn more about our limited scholarships for teachers in need.

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"The most powerful tool we have to manage our stress is the human relationship."

Dr. Pamela Cantor,

Turnaround for Children

Tailored Webinars for Your School

Sea Change designs 60 minute webinars tailored to your schools’ needs and most pressing questions:

  • How do we maintain relationships with our students?
  • How do we nurture our school culture?
  • What should we be doing for our advisory or mentoring programs?
  • How do we make sure our online teaching employs an SEL approach?
  • How do we protect the mental health of our students?
  • How can we maintain our own wellbeing as educators?
  • How do we help students transition back to campus?
  • How do we help students process the losses they may be experiencing during this pandemic?
  • What are child safeguarding strategies we should keep in mind?

We incorporate the feedback and questions that are coming from your community and also help your community anticipate what might be coming in the next stage of your journey in adapting to the pandemic.

Early Access Fee: Book by April 30, 2020 to save over 20% off standard rate. Standard Fee: $900 per webinar if booked after April 30, 2020.

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The Sea Change Subscription

International schools can subscribe to our bi-weekly newsletter at no cost to them.

When schools subscribe, teachers and counselors receive a bi-weekly newsletter that includes:

  • A Message in a Minute (an encouraging word from Ellen Mahoney)
  • Highlighted resources (a resource we have found to be helpful in student wellbeing, connectedness, teacher wellbeing, mentoring, or SEL)
  • A “Do Now” for teachers (an action or activity that teachers can do right now that will improve their own SEL and wellbeing)
  • A “Do Now” for students (an action or activity that students can do right now that will improve their own sense of belonging, wellbeing, relationship skills, self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, etc.)

The Sea Change Podcast

When schools shut down campuses in response to the Coronavirus, how can administrators, teachers, and counselors adapt to meet the community's needs? Each week, join Ellen Mahoney, CEO of Sea Change Mentoring and expert in SEL and mentoring in international schools, as she interviews guests who share insight into navigating this new normal.



"Sea Change Mentoring's Ellen Mahoney helps us see beyond the behaviors that may feel surprising or frustrating right now."

Jane Larsson,

Executive Director of Council of International Schools

Trusted resources from the community


Oppi Global Video on How Schools Can Prepare for School Closures

INEE (The inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies) - Lots of great resources here. There are guidelines for preparing for and managing school closures due to emergencies, and other helpful resources:

ISS- A comprehensive list of resources. Well organized and curated.

International School Counseling Association - Another list of resources, letter templates, etc

Global Online Academy - Leader in online courses for independent high school students and teachers. This is their resource page which is filled with excellent advice and professional learning

These articles by Dr. Suzanne Anderson are excellent and important reads:

Online Mentoring and Advisory During Corona Virus Response