Faring Well Through the Farewells

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Goodbyes can be a tough one for us Third Culture Kids. We have had quite a few growing up. I am sure we can all look back and remember goodbyes that were really hard. Can you remember a goodbye that you tried to avoid? Or a goodbye that took your breath away? I think I tried all kinds of tricks … Read More

TCKChat: Traveling

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We asked adult Third Culture Kids about travel. Here are their responses & pictures across 2 sessions (The lovely picture in the header is from Pakistan courtsey of @marilyngard): [View the story “TCKchat # 31: Travelling” on Storify]

Before They Leave the Nest

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When I started thinking about what to write in this article, I was on an airplane coming back from speaking with international college students at Clark University near Boston. I suppose the airplane is where a lot of global nomads like me do their thinking and reflecting. I thought back to when I was 17, on an airplane from Singapore … Read More

The Third Culture Kid Advantage

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The choice to move a family abroad is usually made after careful weighing of pros and cons. On one hand, the opportunity to provide one’s children with international experience, access to good international schools and an environment conducive to becoming fluent in a foreign language sounds enticing. On the other hand, the prospect of uprooting one’s children to an unfamiliar … Read More