Singapore American School Alumni GIves Back and Reflects on Mentoring

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We are honored to be supporting SAS’s mentoring initiative by providing them with consulting services and training on research-based youth mentoring best practices. Check out this Inspiring story of a TCK and Singapore American School alumni creating positive change in the world. LOVE what she has to say about feeling prepared to find more mentors in her life because of … Read More

Faring Well Through the Farewells

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Goodbyes can be a tough one for us Third Culture Kids. We have had quite a few growing up. I am sure we can all look back and remember goodbyes that were really hard. Can you remember a goodbye that you tried to avoid? Or a goodbye that took your breath away? I think I tried all kinds of tricks … Read More

Understanding Your Child’s Temperament

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The temprament of a child is really important to consider when thinking about how he/she might adapt to a move overseas or back home and thousands other considerations. Zero To Three put together a great explanation of what this really means: Recognizing patterns in your child’s behavior that are influenced by temperament can help you anticipate your child’s responses to … Read More

TCKChat: The Struggling TCK

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We asked adult Third Culture Kids about issues that TCKS (both in adolescence and adulthood) struggle with. Here are the highlights from 2 sessions: [View the story “TCKchat #29: The Struggling TCK” on Storify]