TCKChat: First Day of School

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We asked adult third culture kids (TCKS) across 2 sessions to describe their first day of school experiences. Here are some highlights (and great info for parent/support providers): [View the story “TCKChat # 28: First Day of School” on Storify]

The Way Home

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When I turned thirteen, and moved from Japan to the United States, I was terrified of losing my way home. At night before I went to sleep, I would go over the route from school to my apartment, over and over again, visualizing every turn along the way. My family and I had left the vibrance and constant mystery of … Read More

TCKChat: Gender Roles

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We asked adult TCKs about gender roles and what they learned during their cross-cultural childhoods. Here are the highlights from 2 sessions: [View the story “TCKChat # 27: Gender Roles” on Storify]

TCKChat: Global Careers

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Special co-host @catebrubaker, from Small Planet Studio, helped lead the topic of global careers and adult third culture kids. These the highlights from 2 sessions. [View the story “TCKChat #26: Global Career” on Storify]

TCKChat: Racial Identity

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The following is Part 3 of our TCK discussion on Race. These are the thoughts of adult Third Culture Kids from 2 sessions on Racial Identity. [View the story “TCKchat#25 Racial Identity (Race Series Pt.3)” on Storify]