International School of Bangkok’s Graeme Scott Brings His Insight Into Learning and Well-Being to Our Board of Advisors

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Sea Change Mentoring has created its first Board of Advisors. Made up of visionary international school leaders; entrepreneurs in education and technology; and one of the most respected youth mentoring researchers in the world, this group is pretty spectacular. With the Council of International Schools adding transitions support to their 2016 accreditation requirements, the growing interest in both mentoring and personalization in the international school world and with Sea Change Mentoring landing the Singapore American School partnership, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Over the course of the next two weeks, we will be introducing these new members to the rest of our Sea Change Mentoring community.

Sea Change Mentoring welcomes Graeme Scott, Deputy Director of the International School of Bangkok, to our new Board of Advisors.

Over the last two years, Graeme and Sea Change Mentoring’s CEO, Ellen Mahoney, have met virtually and in Bangkok to discuss their philosophies of education, our growing knowledge of neuroscience and learning, student wellness, and practical approaches to supporting students’ transitions into adulthood.

“Whenever Graeme and I get a chance to sit down and reflect on our work, I am reminded of why I love working in this field. Graeme has this great combination of enthusiasm, logic and curiosity that makes him a very important leader and thinker in our world of international education. So it was important to me to invite Graeme to be part of this team of insightful advisors.”

When Graeme accepted the role, he told Ellen,

“What you are doing is so exciting and impactful. I look forward to our continued relationship and to helping more international kids to flourish.”

We are looking forward to it as well and couldn’t me more happy that Graeme accepted the invitation.

Graeme’s work at the International School Bangkok (ISB) involves him in typical leadership roles such as recruitment, teacher evaluation, strategic planning and more.  However, he also heads up the school’s visioning process, ensuring ISB is preparing its students as well as possible for the challenges and experiences they will face in this fast-paced, interconnected world.   In August 2018, Graeme will take up the role of Founding Director of Fairgreen International School, a 4-program IB school in Dubai with a specific focus on sustainability.

Prior to arriving at ISB, Graeme was Principal at the International School of The Hague, in the Netherlands for seven years. He has also been Head of a UK state Primary School and held leadership positions in Dubai (3 years) and Hong Kong (5 years).  He began his teaching career with nine years in an inner city school in north east England before moving overseas in 1994.  Graeme has a particular interest in  has studied the relationship between learning and the brain for a number of years now and believes that all students (of all ages) and teachers need to know at least a little about how the brain functions and the factors that might help and hinder learning.

Graeme is married to Ali, who works in Learning Support at ISB and he has three children; Joe aged 13, Olivia 17 and Nathan 19.  


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